Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My handmade flowers..


Here are some of my handmade flowers I showed you guys a sneak peak on my YT video:

I am selling them as a package so for those interested, here is how I will sell them:

They can be customized to whatever color you are looking for, and I can add a different center bead than what the pictures show. Please give me a week to get them out to you as they are being created just for you :D

Package #1: 4 different fabric flowers sizes 3" to 4"

Package #2: 4 different fabric flowers sizes 3"-4" + 6" pleated trim

Package #3: (2) 6" pleated trims

Package #4: 6 different fabric flowers sizes 3" to 4"

Please send me an email if you are interested in purchasing any of my flowers:

I will then contact you immediately concerning your order & go through details with you
(I want to create unique flowers or trims just for you)
once order is placed I will then send you an invoice via PayPal. Shipping & Handling will be $1.50.

More flowers to come..



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  2. Hi Janet, I just seen your youtube video and had to come check out the flowers, I think they are beautiful. I especially luv the trim. Honestly I think you are just giving them away. I you definitely deserve more than that. Lol. I will be checking back with my order soon, Thanks and God Bless, Hugs Carmen

    1. Hi Carmen thank you for coming by. I appreciate your sweet comments, yes I've heard from a few of my new customers that these prices are phenomenal, so I'm glad I'm able to bring affordable prices for handmade items. I checked my email account & didn't see your order sweety, if you did place an order do you mind sending me another request of it at title it : FLOWERS I will get the invoice out to you by tomorrow (Monday) via PayPal and have the order out to you by this week once payment is received. Thank you!