Friday, July 27, 2012

Triple T's (Trash To Treasures)

Hello hello bloggers :)

Have you ever seen something sitting on the curb of someones house, and wondered or wanted to inspect it? Then chicken out, and pass on by it to only wish you had just checked its condition?
I know I have, plenty of times and so after a few "pass me by's" I decided I would keep in mind that someone else's trash can become your treasure.

Now, this is not to say you pick every little thing on the curb ewww yucky.. but if you see a dresser or a chair that may have potential .. well, why not?

The other day my hubby surprised me with a very nice dresser he picked up along a curb on his way, and said to me "well I know your crafty and have asked for a dresser for your craft room can do something to refurbish this" ding ding ding.. it has potential, the bone structure was beautiful, no yucky smell or cob webs (hate those little critters) all it was missing was a drawer, easy to fix.

So after I wiped it cleaned, I began to sand that sucker down (by hand may I add as I do not own a power tool). I knew immediately I wanted to paint it white and distress it to give it a vintage feel (saw this look at .. yup you guessed it, Pottery Barnes) and why not replicate it at little to no fraction of a cost.

I must admit, I think I chewed more than I can handle but its turning out pretty nifty. Here are a few pics of the dresser and the progress ..
(oh and by the way, I was too excited to take BEFORE photos of its original look)

Here's the dresser after I primed it & distressed it, its missing a drawer so I plan on moving all the drawers up and leaving the last one w/o a drawer and add wicker baskets to it.
The inside shows the oak tone it had
The top of the dresser was primed, painted & then distressed
The drawers will have a beautiful glass knob

 So stay tune to see it displayed in my craft room once the craft room is completed.. I'm so excited at how its turning out :)

Next time you see something that may have potential.. remember another mans trash may become your treasure with a little elbow grease heehee..



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Batter UP!

Hello out there.. Life has given me a curve ball and I have swung not sure if it's a home run just yet but only time will tell..

I wanted to apologize to  my followers for not updating this blog as often as I would have wanted to, truth is.. I am going thru some trials and tribulations and its taken me away from the things I truly enjoy doing.

However, I needed a little distraction from my day to day activities as of lately & so I figured I'd come here and say hello to you.. if you're still out there LOL 

I am dying to craft, unfortunately all my stuff are everywhere in boxes and I truly don't even know where everything is at this point, as we just moved into our new home and I am still unpacking.. its going to be a while before I can even go to my craft room (yes, I actually have a craft room now heehee) so I am trying to hurry on up and unpack and organize everything and everyones rooms quickly so that I can finally have some "ME" time.. 

Well ladies, till then.. I will try to upload the progress as I move along in my new adventures.



Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy "day-after" Easter

Hi bloggers & bloggettes how are ya'

Can I just say, I am giving you all a standing ovation just for coming on to my page and subscribing. YAY!! *clap clap

So how was your Easter or Passover day? Mine was wonderful, we got all dolled up for the day and went to church with my mom. Headed to the park after.

Once we got home I kicked off these 4" heels and began slaving in the kitchen LOL. It was nice just us four for a change.

I am so behind on my crafts, I am cracking the whip this week on myself and getting to work. I have several orders to get out for the flowers that you lovely ladies have requested, everything will be mailed out THIS friday. If you have not heard from me as far as invoice goes for your order PLEASE PLEASE email me asap so I know you ordered them & I can get them out to you ASAP.

Thanks again & have a blessed day.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello everyone & welcome new subbies (I see you) heehee

First, my apologies for not updating DAILY on here.. too many things going on to reflect on just one topic. Going thru my own personal issues, and health hasn't been up to par' lately.

However I am back and I just wanted to say "Hola"

I managed to part with the picture frame I made Annie (msgardengrove1) on Youtube. Sent it out on Monday but so miss the frame LOL. You know how sometimes you make something for someone and then you become attached to it and can't part with it? yes? no? well.. that was me.
So hopefully I can manage to replicate it again but this time it'll be for ME.

So pretty in pink.
Anyhoo.. please comment below so I know you came by.