Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Batter UP!

Hello out there.. Life has given me a curve ball and I have swung not sure if it's a home run just yet but only time will tell..

I wanted to apologize to  my followers for not updating this blog as often as I would have wanted to, truth is.. I am going thru some trials and tribulations and its taken me away from the things I truly enjoy doing.

However, I needed a little distraction from my day to day activities as of lately & so I figured I'd come here and say hello to you.. if you're still out there LOL 

I am dying to craft, unfortunately all my stuff are everywhere in boxes and I truly don't even know where everything is at this point, as we just moved into our new home and I am still unpacking.. its going to be a while before I can even go to my craft room (yes, I actually have a craft room now heehee) so I am trying to hurry on up and unpack and organize everything and everyones rooms quickly so that I can finally have some "ME" time.. 

Well ladies, till then.. I will try to upload the progress as I move along in my new adventures.



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