Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting my sexy back..

Hello everyone..

So I am on a new high, drug-free of course =D
I am on a mission to get my sexy back, feel as tho' it kind of slipped away from me 5 yrs ago.. peeked back about 2 yrs ago & whoosh it left again now that I had the baby. LOL

My friend Jackie (CreativeJackie831) is helping me get it back by selling phenomenal beauty products @ fabulous prices.. so I decided to chime in on the sale and grab a few items

NYX lipsticks for $2.50/piece

NYX eyeshadow $2.50/piece

Calvin Klein set of 3 lip gloss, 1 lipstick & 1 lip liner $10/set

4 loose Mac eyeshadow FREE (gift)

lipstick pallet of six, make up sponges & eyeshadow dabbers FREE (gift)

She's such a sweety who is super generous, go check her out on youtube to see if you can also get in on the sale. Hopefully these few items I got will help me feel a bit more vibrant & more sexy on a day to day basis.

Next on my agenda is learning how to do my OWN acrylic nails.. I went from getting my nails done every 4 weeks to not getting them done for the past 5 years! I have been watching this YouTube chic who is awesome & her tutorials are fantastic from step to step.. here is the link to her channel if you are interested in learning with me

I know many of us ladies kind-of let ourselves go because of our children or our daily stress.. but nothing is more important than to make YOURSELF feel good, even if its by buying a new shade of lipstick. So go ahead live a little after all every woman deserves to be spoiled..

be blessed

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  1. Hi sexy,,teeheee,,,I'm a senior and I still like to pamper myself every once in a while.I believe all women should. Thanks for the tips and enjoy your new sexy you...:-)