Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday delight..

Hello bloggers & blogettes..

Hope your weekend was fantastic! Mine was ehhh.. I've had better :(
I cleaned like a "mad" woman.. or wait, I was a "mad" woman cleaning LOL.. had everyone doing chores, including the baby - oh yes we ween them early in my house! haahaa if you call her picking one or two blocks up from one side of the room to find it in another room "weening" haahaa

Anyhoo, I'm super excited to finally upload my video on YT showing my beautiful little creation I made after being inspired by "PinkySwr". I replicated by simply looking @ her pictures she posted on her blog & figured it out on my own.. I wanted to make something nice for my friend Mrs. Terrie (as I call her out of respect). I sent the package or shall I say package(s) out this weekend to everyone including my winner(s). I hope Terrie loves the gift & the goodies I added in the box and I hope everyone else enjoys my gifts of love.

Well I am off to tackle yet another project for a swap I am doing with my sweet friend Annie :)

Enjoy the pics.


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  1. Very nice project Janet. Thanks for sharing!!