Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My {cyber} BFF is having a grand opening..

Hello everyone.. well as most of you know, my cyber BFF (LOL) Lynn has just opened her Zibbet store called:


I wanted to do a special post just to support her (she has no idea I'm doing this for her heehee)
Lynn does the most fabulous hand-made flowers I have seen. Even when she is in crucial back pain she will literally crawl to her bed AFTER completing 300 of them (seriously!)

We simply met last yr after being paired @ MiniAlbumScraps.ning.com Twilight Cigar box swap. OMG! talk about having sooo much in common & being super sweet :D I simply adore her, too bad she is so far away (West Coast, I'm in East Coast) cuz I def would be visiting her ALL the time. We are truly taking this adventure together, and it is nice to have a good friend to share the same vision as you. I introduced her to this whole "blogging world" and told her she needed to sell her flowers.. way to go Lynn. Not even my daughters listen to me as much as you do LOL. I need to take my own advice and stop being so darn shy about selling my stuff as well. I will get there.. eventually!! but in the meantime, please support her. You wont regret it.

So go on over to her blog to learn a bit about her:


and make sure to visit her Zibbet store:




  1. I love watching Lynn's video and she is truly amazing what she can create inspite of being in pain!! thanks for sharing her Zibbet's store. I am off to check it out. I wish I was brave enough to make things to sell also!! Hugs

  2. Thank you Janet :) Oh you know how to make me tear up :0 I am so Happy we became friends & thank you for that extra push on getting me to start selling. Love you chica, Lynn