Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introduction & chitter chatter..

Hello my friends..

(bare with me as this will be a LONG post) :D

Well here goes.. I have had a blog up called "DevineButNotQuiteDomesticated" and while I chuckle @ the name I chose, I realized it was much too hard to memorize so I attempted several others & was not pleased by it either, so here I am yet again with a better & easier name "MzRichful's Scrappy Chic Room". I know, I know.. its the pickiness in me LOL but I like this name, it has a flow & besides its easier for my YouTube fan base to find me.
Oh yes, I also have a YouTube channel :

I still don't have this whole blog thingy figured out, but golly I will make it a point to get it down packed sooner rather than later.

So now I am thinking as I type away "geez I wonder if any one will in fact read any of my post" LOL well only time will tell, I guess :D

Hmm what can I say about me..

I am a mother of two beautiful, and I mean beautiful baby girls.. they say the oldest (5yo) looks nothing like me, and exactly like her father. Then my baby (18mth old) looks a little like me & more like my mom :D she has the biggest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in a child.

I have an adoring husband who is magnificent, supporting and loving.
I embarked in this whole "scrapbooking" journey I'd say fairly young. I must admit, I would paint & alter any figurines my mom had laying around the house.. and boy would she be upset once she saw her plain white cherubs fully painted & wearing lipstick out of nail polish.. haahaa
(oh the memories). *chuckling
But I didn't take it quite this seriously up until 2yrs ago. I have become so passionate about it, that I am willing to travel from one city to the next to attend craft-fairs.. and yes! I do drag my lil' family with me.

I will be uploading recent videos & hopefully pictures of all my work on here.

Please feel free to leave pointers on how I can make this blog a better one for my viewers to enjoy

Well I am off to bed, as it is 2 AM & officially MY bday whoohoo :D


  1. I think once you get use to blogging, you'll love IT!

    1. Why thank you darling :D I am soooo glad I was not speaking to myself heehee..