Monday, March 5, 2012

My BIRTHDAY weekend..

I still hear the chores singing "happy birthday to you".. ahh yes, and what a sweet birthday it was for me.. first my husband took me on Saturday to a restaurant I was dying to go to called Joey's Garlics YUM! then on Sunday my actual birthday, I woke up to this:

a homemade breakfast consisting of chocolate chip pancakes, extra fluffy omelette's, a delishes cupcake from my daughters, and my brand "new" Keurig coffee machine... OMG!!! I heard the gates of heaven open @ that point :D

He had the day planned out for me, we were joined by my friends @ a restaurant called "The Cheezecake Factory" OMG!!! what a great surprise. I had the Louisiana pasta with chicken

It was DELICIOUS!! Omg I was sooooo stuffed I could not move or breath or talk LOL
Then I was beautifully surprised with my ultimate FAVORITE cake

Needless to say my b-day was spectacular.. but of course, with all the fun I was having - I knew my night was not over as I had to finish my "Twilight Composition Notebooks" for the swap I joined with MAS. Check out the video I uploaded.

Happy birthday to meeeee....

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