Thursday, March 8, 2012

No time like the present..

Hello bloggers & blogettes

I had no time to craft today, web surfed a bit, but honestly I put down the glue gun to spend QT with my girls. Even the hub got in on the fun once he arrived home from work. We played hopscotch "oh to be a kid again" & we played dodge ball, kick ball & everything else in between LOL. It was beautiful outside today.. can't believe March has started off so lovely in the Eastern area, last year we were snowed in for weeks :(

Now they are well fed & 1/2 way to sleep, and I am having the crafters itch LOL so I am calling it a night.. and going to my messy crafting table to see what else I can enjoy making - oh I almost forgot, I have to make flowers for a swap with LSH and alter a picture frame for another swap I am in with someone I have admired for a long x "Annie", was so happy she wanted to do a swap with me, because her work is extraordinary can't wait to enjoy her work of art :D
So I guess I do have an excuse to go craft..

Talk to you guys tomorrow


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  1. Oh what a GREAT day :) To spend some time w/ your girls & then w/ your hubby :)I miss those days. Playing games w/ my daughter. Although tonight we made dinner together for us & My husband & her boyfriend. We are now watching a dumb Zombie movie ..... LOL
    all laughing @ it. But I wanted to stop by & say Hello Chica :)